Like most Aussies, this family just loves to entertain outdoors. It’s why their brand new home included a luxurous alfresco area, complete with full kitchen and TV. The space was well loved, however there were a few features which the owners were wanting to address.

One of the main aspects of concern was that the space would get stiflingly hot in the heat of summer, and very cold througout winter.

On the homeowners wishlist was a functional but discreet shade system that could be tailored to fit the perameters of the space. Ideally, the shade solution would have no gaps at the sides, so that it provides full shade and maximum glare reduction when required.

The Canberra Blinds team designed, developed and installed a complete outdoor shade solution that addressed all of the points on the owners wishlist.

The solution.

The ideal product for this space was the Helioscreen HMX130-ZIP Blind. This shade solution allows for spans of up to 6 metres wide with the fabric retained in a “Zip” channel preventing any light gaps, giving a seamless aesthetic to any project.

This external Zip Blind is able to withstand the toughest of treatments. It works with an innovative fabric, which is designed to control the penetration of natural light, heat and sun radiation from the outside Unaffected by extreme temperature changes, it functions with sleek aluminium zip guide side channels, powder coated to suit any exterior.

The colour of the system was also a big consideration for the residence, as it was important to fit in with their existing style and surrounding landscape.

Thanks to the Dulux powder coat range, we were able to help the owners select a colour that seamlessly matched the existing structure and complimented the tones of the sandstone, allowing it to blend into the surrounds while providing an elegant aesthetic.

The material chosen for this project was the Helioscreen Serge fabric. This fabric is a triple woven Fiberglass core PVC coated item with 3% openness, giving the strength and stability that the zip system requires and the protection from the harsh summer sun in Canberra. Helioscreen’s external fabrics come in a wide range of colourways and are anti-static for easy cleaning.


The owners instantly noticed a reduction in temperature throughout summer, and have since been able to get even more out of their favourite outdoor area.