This stylish Canberra home had a stunning outdoor space. However due to a lack of shade, the scorching Canberra heat had the owners retreating indoors to cool down throughout the summer months, and throughout winter it didn’t offer any protection from the elements. 

The homeowners wanted to be able to get more from their alfresco area without completely changing the structure or imposing on the openness of the space. The solution also had to fit with the existing style of the home, while offering shade, protection from rain, and lights for entertaining into the night.

A further requirement was to have a system that can be added to in the future, enabling them to build a complte outdoor room.

The Solution.

Working with the Canberra Blinds team, the owners opted for a solution which offered the ability to have flexible protection and cover all-year-round.

The Helioscreen All Seasons Novo system.

The Novo system is a perfect application due to its durability and natural colourways. This system also ticked the box of all requirement with its ability to integrate the HMX zip systems and side infill panes to create the desired outcome later.

The system was completed with a robust waterproof fabric and durable structure.

Integration into the existing home design.

To match the system to the external colour scheme, the customer selected options from the Dulux powder coat range. The choice of colours seamlessly integrated the roof into the existing structure and complemented the tones of the pavers and paint, allowing it to blend into the surrounds while providing an elegant aesthetic.

Click here to see the Dulux colour range.

Many fabric styles and colour options were available to the owners, enabling them to have a colour they were happy with while being completely protected from the harsh UV and elements.

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The outcome.

This space is now a much-loved space for the homeowners. It’s functionality and protection from the elements ensures the alfresco area is now well utilised and will certainly keep them protected for years to come.