Blinds, curtains and awnings aren’t just for making your home look great. The right choice of window treatments can also help you regain control over the temperature of your home. This means less running of heating and cooling appliances which could save on energy bills.

Using clever blind, awning and curtain selections, you will also be doing your bit for the environment by reducing energy consumption. Everybody wins!


Cutting the cost of cooling down

When the sun is shining down on your home, the temperature indoors can increase quickly. This is especially true when you have patio doors or large windows. That’s because solar heat easily passes through windows in the summer and, for many Australians, reaching for the air-con remote is the first option to cool down a hot house. But cooling systems are energy-hungry and can be expensive to run.

With the right interior and/or exterior blind choices, there’s no need to turn the air-conditioner to the coolest setting. Minimise the sun’s ability to heat up your home by closing blinds and awnings in the morning when you know the day is going to be a hot one. This will help your home stay cooler as the weather reaches its peak. Once the sun has gone down, you can open everything up (including windows) and let the cooler night breeze flow through – natural air-con!

Room darkening blinds, external awnings and innovative fabrics can effectively keep your home cool – all while adding a sense of style and luxury to your home.


Smart fabrics

With new innovations in fabric construction, some products are particularly efficient in keeping your home cooler in summer (and warmer in winter).

Norman Honeycomb Shades use a cellular fabric design which creates a layer of insulation for up to 34.1% more energy savings*. The Honeycomb range comes in a huge range of colours to suit your style and space. You’ll be amazed at the difference they can make to the temperature in your home.


Sun blocking awnings and blinds

Room darkening solutions help stop the sun’s rays from penetrating your home. Think exterior awnings, straight drop awnings, and shades which can be closed during the day when the sun is at it’s peak and opened up to let a cool breeze in later in the day.


Maximum warmth, minimal energy

The right curtains, drapes and blinds can also help you cut costs in the cooler months, too.

When it’s cold outside, you want your home to feel cosy and welcoming, but indoor heat an quickly escape through the glass windows in your home. Considered blind choices can reduce heat loss, offering a layer of insulation for your windows and doors. This helps your rooms stay warmer in winter without resorting to the heater.

Quality and Energy Savings


Breathe easier in all seasons

Not only will reducing your usage of your air-conditioner and heater save you money and energy, but it could help your family breathe better too.

The changes in humidity and air temperature paired with the recycling of air can have an unpleasant side effect on the respiratory system, with air-conditioning commonly related to irritated throats and annoying coughs, as well as headaches and dry eyes.

Heating systems warm the home quickly, but can really dry out the air in the home. This dry air is often connected to irritation of skin, eyes, nose and throat, and can worsen allergies and asthma.

For a more comfortable home across all the seasons, the right choices in curtains, interior and exterior blinds, and awnings can make all the difference. Plus, you will reduce your energy consumption and save money at the same time.


*Individual results may vary. Calculation based on simulated yearly savings – ask us for more details.