Summertime is all about al fresco dining, relaxing in the fresh air and relishing the sunshine with friends and family. While the warm weather is a delight, the hottest days can get a bit uncomfortable, especially when there’s no escape from the heat.

Thankfully, smart blinds and awnings can provide a functional and stylish solution for you to stay cool and comfortable, even when the sun is blazing down (or mosquitos are on the attack).

There are so many colours, styles and fabrics to explore when adding practical blinds and awnings at your place, allowing you to make a statement while reaping the rewards throughout the warmer seasons and beyond. While you’re getting sorted for summer, consider the benefits of exterior blinds, awnings and roofing systems to get the most out of the warmest season of the year and, not to mention, giving your backyard a stylish update, too!

Shade at the touch of a button.

 As the weather warms up, there’s nothing better than being able to take life outdoors. A few clever choices with outdoor shade solutions can go a long way to keep you cool while still enjoying time outside.

Think retractable roof systems, or folding arm awnings, that can fold away at the touch of a button. Whether it be for lounging, entertaining, or both, automated shade systems can completely transform your outdoor area.

Available in a huge range of colours and styles, there’s an option that can be completely tailored to suit your taste, budget and space.




Add an extra room to your home.

Not only can outdoor blinds and awnings provide cooling shade from the Australian summer heat, they can also provide protection from UV rays, wind and rain. You can ditch the bug repellent too, as they provide an effective insect barrier.

Thanks to innovative fabrics, Ziptak systems or straight drop awnings, you can create a fully-protected additional room for your home! It can completely transform your home and outdoor entertaining space — a practical way to update your house.


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Summer views without overheating

Looking out at bright blue skies and gardens in bloom is a beautiful part of summer, so while blackout blinds may suit in some areas of your home, they’re not ideal in other spaces. There are many types and styles of blinds and curtains that can offer you visibility along with insulation, UV protection and adjustable light control, including multi-stop options – so you have full control of how much sunlight and heat you allow into your space at any given time.

Sheer curtains adds a stylish touch to any room. They diffuse the light (and heat) and look dreamy at any time of day – especially when floating int he breeze.


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